The Naive Observer Grand Opening

Welcome all to the Naive Observer. In the next couple weeks I’m going to squeeze a lot into a short period of time. Hopefully by doing that I’ll give you a relatively comprehensive impression of what I want to do here. Before it begins though, one quick note: this is just another blog about science, but I am experimenting with a new model that comes in two parts.

The first part is plain old neuroscience, under the heading Exciting Research. I will outline important and recent publications that tell new and exciting stories about connections in the brain. This is my area of expertise, and I’d like to share some knowledge. For those of you who are interested but unsure whether you’ll be able to understand, check out the Meat and Potatoes section of Exciting Research.  There I give basic overviews of the papers I review and put them into the greater neuroscientific context. For the aficionados and those of you who crave more than the gist, look at the In Depth section, where you’ll find a fine-toothed comb criticism and analysis of each paper. For every paper I review there is a Meat and Potatoes and an In Depth follow-up.

The second part of The Naive Observer is News and Opinion. Here I will cover current topics in the general world of science. Some topics I plan on hitting are Women in Science, Neuroscience of Gender and Sex, Ethics, Science and Art, Science and “The Public”, Scientific Scammery and Quack-/Hackery, SciPolicy, SciJournalism and accounts of whatever flight of fancy I am on or find interesting at the time.

Please feed back onto me. Let me know what you think, like, dislike and please educate me where you can (for more on this, see the Preambled disclaimer ).

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